• Carrie's books are now open June 2021

    Carrie's books are open.

    She has made a few, limited dates available to book consultations via our booking website - 920tattoo.myonlineappointment.com/ - please do not call the studio about availability, we no longer have an assistant booking our appointments, and you will not be able to schedule anything. All available times for a free, 30 minute consultation to discuss your tattoo idea will be listed on the above booking website. Once scheduled, you will get a confirmation text and e-mail. At the consult you will discuss all the important details of your tattoo request, budget, and schedule a time to do your tattoo. You will also be required to leave a non-refundable deposit for all tattoo time booked, which will be applied to the cost of your tattoo the day of your tattoo appointment. We've decided to only take a few new appointments for now, to keep our schedule manageable.

    If you don't manage to get a consultation appointment on this round, we apologize. Our intent is not to frustrate our clients. Unfortunately, it is no longer practical to schedule appointments for months and months in advance, and we need to keep our schedule under control. We will make another round of consultation appointments available as soon as we open up more dates to tattoo.

  • Summer Updates

    Here’s what’s new at the 920 Tattoo Company.

    Molly is now offering under the mask piercings, and can help insert jewelry in healed piercings in the nose and mouth. However, we are still requiring our clients to wear an appropriate face covering (no neck gaiters, bandanas, hankies, or harem veils please) on entry to the studio, and masks can only be removed while inside the piercing booth, while the piercing is being performed. Masks must also be worn to come into the studio to shop. If you don’t have one with you, we will provide you with one free of charge. For any questions regarding this policy, please ask Molly before coming to the studio for your appointment.

    We recently added a statim sterilizer to our studio. It makes it possible to get pierced with customized starter jewelry, or gold pieces. Gone are the days of wearing plain silver jewelry for months while healing a fresh piercing! We also have an anodizer, a machine that enables us to tint any piece of plain titanium to nearly any color of the rainbow. Gold and anodized jewelry are available as upgrades for initial fresh piercings, ask Molly for details.

    We are constantly adding new pieces of jewelry to our webstore. Check back for new offers and items, they are always changing.

    We are not accepting new tattoo appointments at this time. When our tattoo books open for new clients and projects, we will make an announcement on Facebook, Instagram, and our website.

    No services are available on a walk-in basis.

    We have decided to continue to require everyone to mask while inside the studio due to the closeness, and amount of time needed for us to provide our services. If you do not have a mask of your own, again, we will provide you with a complimentary one.

    Thanks for reading, we here at 920 Tattoo hope you all have a great Summer.

  • Spring Jewelry Sale!

    Spring Jewelry Sale!

    Spring is in the air!
    What better time than now to spruce up your jewelry collection.

    Starting May 15that 11am, you can get 40% off most plugs on our online store or in store. Our plug sale will run until 5/21 at 8pm.
    Shop on our easy to use web store. Use promo code PLUGS40 at checkout, to redeem your 40% off.
    Click here for our web store

    Or see our selection in person by setting up a shopping session

    We are appointment only, but sometimes have same day availability for piercings and shopping sessions. Act fast, spots can fill quickly.

    On going sales for the next 4 WEEKS!
    Yes, you read that right.

    We will be having ongoing jewelry sales for the next 4 weeks, so make sure you check back on our social media to see what offers are coming up! A lot of pieces available are very limited stocker one of a kind, so act swiftly my friends.

  • 920 Tattoo Web Store

    920 Tattoo Web Store

    We know you don't want to have to put on your “outside” pants to do a little shopping. No judgement. So, we've created an online shopping site to help you stay as comfortable as possible while you treat yourself. Peruse our selection of unique body jewelry, earrings (for standard ear piercings), original art prints, original fluid art by Carrie, and more at our web store.


    All available to be shipped right to your door.

  • December-January Update

    Holiday Newsletter December 2020

    Happy holidays from the 920 Tattoo Company, Oshkosh, WI. We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe.

    First up, we will be closed December 23rd-January 14th. All piercing and tattoo services are being provided by appointment only. Our tattoo books are currently closed. However, to make an appointment for last minute shopping, jewelry changes, or piercing, either call the studio (920)479-6144, or book online (https://920tattoo.myonlineappointment.com/). Shopping appointments are scheduled with Molly. Our half price clearance jewelry case is also going away in the next 2 weeks, so make sure to schedule a time to view the selections before they are gone, tons of great deals to snag on those shiny new pieces.

    Molly is available for all your piercing and shopping needs;

    Tuesday – Thursday 10-6 p.m.
    Friday 12-8 p.m.,
    Saturday 11-7 p.m.

    If you are uncomfortable coming into the studio in person at this time, our webstore is LIVE. There you can find our unique body jewelry offerings, art prints, gift certificates, limited run t-shirts, and other random merch. There's still time to have it all shipped to your door by Christmas, so check it out, treat yourself.

    To address the ongoing pandemic, we've built private, enclosed work areas to enforce social distancing. We've added hand washing sinks in each booth, to eliminate the need to walk around the studio while in the middle of a session in order to wash our hands as we work. We now have UV air filtration, as well as mechanical hepa air filtration in our studio to improve the air quality, and reduce the amount of bacteria, viruses, and allergens in the space. We have added UV light sanitation to our cleanning procedures in our work areas between appointments. We now have a larger, enclosed clean room to handle our day to day sterilization and sanitation needs. In addition, we have enchanced our cleaning protocols , so our clients can be confident they are in the cleanest, safest enviroment possible to have their tattoo or piercing done. The changes to our business aren't just physical, we've also changed the way we work. You can expect that you will be required to wear a face covering while in our studio, and if you don't have one of your own, you will be provided with one. We ask you use hand sanitizer on entry, and participate in a short health screening prior to your appointment. We also request you come to your appointment alone, the only exception to this being when its absolutely necessary to come to the shop with someone else (i.e., a minor wanting to get a piercing, who is in need of parental consent to have the piercing done). Most importantly, if you are sick, please stay home. We will understand, and appreciate your honesty. Tattoos and piercings weaken your immune system, and are optional. Working together, we can still do the things we enjoy, however we just need to do them safely and conscientiously.

    Lastly, we would like to thank the WEDC for selecting us as winners of the 2020 “We're All Innovating,” Competition. We were recognized for the steps we've taken to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 in our community, and the measures we've enacted to keep our clients healthy and safe. We would also like to thank you all for your support over the last year. Without you all, there would be no 920 Tattoo.


    Thanksgiving 11/26/20: Closed

    Black Friday 11/27/20: Closed

    Small Business Saturday 11/28/20: 11-6.

    Come check out our sales for small business Saturday, and have Molly fulfill those piercing wishes or jewelry impulse buys.

    The studio will be closed from 11/26-12/9. Due to the high number of positive Covid-19 cases in our community, and the ongoing pandemic fatigue we are all experiencing, we think its best for ourselves and our community to be closed for the 2 weeks after the Thanksgiving holiday. Any appointments that are affected by this closure will be contacted.

    Sorry for any inconvenience, stay safe out there.

  • Tattoo Books Are Open - November 2020

    Carrie's books are open. She has made a few, limited dates available to book consultations via our booking website - https://920tattoo.myonlineappointment.com/ - please do not call the studio about availability, we no longer have an assistant booking our appointments, and you will not be able to schedule anything. All available times for a free, 30 minute consultation to discuss your tattoo idea will be listed on the above booking website. Once scheduled, you will get a confirmation text and e-mail. At the consult you will discuss all the important details of your tattoo request, budget, and schedule a time to do your tattoo. At the consult you will be required to leave a non-refundable deposit for all tattoo time booked, which will be applied to the cost of your tattoo the day of your tattoo appointment. We've decided to only take a few new appointments for now, carefully considering how fluid the health situation is in our community, and to see how this new booking method works for everyone. We have already had a number of clients need to reschedule or cancel their appointments due to Covid-19 related incidents, and we are working this way to keep our schedule manageable.

    If you don't manage to get a consultation appointment on this round, we apologize. Our intent is not to frustrate our clients. Unfortunately, it is no longer practical to schedule appointments for months and months in advance, and we need to keep our schedule under control. We will make another round of consultation appointments available as soon as we open up more dates to tattoo. More than likely we will be taking more new appointments in January of 2021.

  • Services and Hours / Covid-19 Update October 2020

    This week, our local health department in Winnebago County, in cooperation with several other regional health departments, drafted and published a press release recommending non-essential businesses like ours,“consider not opening except minimum operations.” These recommendations are in response to the worsening health situation in our community. At this time, neither the state of Wisconsin Department of Health Services, nor the city of Oshkosh DHS, have implemented any enforceable guidelines for businesses to follow regarding Covid-19 best practices. This leaves each individual business owner to decide for themselves how to best implement, and enforce policies that will not only keep themselves healthy, but also their community at large.

    We don't want to close down again, and are trying to find a middle ground; continuing to offer some services with as many common sense precautions in place as possible.As this situation develops, we will continue to revise and adopt new practices to mitigate the spread of Covid-19. Given the current situation in Winnebago County, we have decided to reduce our current lobby hours, and further stagger appointments to ensure proper social distancing at all times. Until our renovations are completed, we will have to run with a reduced schedule to limit everyone's potential exposure. If you have an upcoming tattoo or piercing appointment that will be affected, you will be contacted.

    Tattoo books are closed till November, no new or walk-in appointments available.

    Piercing will be by appointment only (not offering any under the mask piercings at this time). To set one up, or check availability, click the book now button at the top of or Facebook page page, message us, or give us a call.

    If you just want to stop in to buy some new jewelry we will also ask that you call or message us in advance, this will be done by appointment only.

    We require anyone entering the studio to wear a mask.  If you do not have one of your own, we can provide one free of charge. Please come alone to your appointment, and please do not come in if you have been feeling ill.

    We are in the process of doing some renovations that will enable us to join the only national professional organization (The Alliance of Professional Tattooists, as well as the Alliance of Professional Piercers) in the US addressing our current health crisis and offering guidance for our industry.  For anyone interested, here is their website(https://safe-tattoos.com/tattoos-%26-covid-19).We have decided to not only enhance our cleaning procedures within our studio, but also to structurally alter the space to create private work rooms and a larger, enclosed sterilization area. In addition, we are also adding UV air filtration to our studio, which will add another layer of protection for both our clients, as well as ourselves. We believe that these changes, among several others, will not only enable us to continue to operate, but offer our services to more people, more safely than ever before.

    We thank you all for your patience, and share in the hope that together we can find a way to continue to do the things we love, as safely as possible

    .- 920 Tattoo Co.

  • Services and Hours / Covid-19 Update September 4th 2020

    September 2020 Updates on hours, tattoo and piercing availability, and new best practices at the studio.

    Our lobby will be open to the public with limited capacity, enforced social distancing, and masks required on entry (if you don't have one with you, we will provide a new disposable mask for your use. No bandanas, neck gaiters, or fleece face coverings, please). Jewelry changes and piercings that don't require removing a mask to perform will be available on a walk in or appointment basis. Check out our online scheduling site for Molly's availability and pricing. A short health screening and temperature check is also required before having a tattoo or piercing done at our studio.

    Tuesday-Thursday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

    Friday 12 p.m. - 8 p.m.

    Saturday 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.

    On the tattoo front, our books are currently closed, and for the foreseeable future, we will not be doing walk-in tattoos. When we do start taking new appointments, and new clients, we will be working on appointment only basis. All bookings will be done over the phone or online. In the past, Carrie and Steve have relied on their assistants to do the scheduling and consulting prior to a tattoo. Now, they will be doing all consultations and bookings themselves.

    After several years of discussion, Carrie and Steve decided to consolidate the studio into one commercial space instead of 2.In addition, they are making much needed upgrades throughout the space. Steve has been busy renovating the studio for the last 6 weeks.So, for those still waiting to get rescheduled with Steve, he's hoping to have the studio project completed by October 1st, 2020, and back to tattooing soon after that.

    Carrie has finished rescheduling her appointments that had been cancelled due to the Safer at Home Order closures of March-June.She plans on re-opening her books, and scheduling new projects, in the beginning of November 2020.

    The bad news for now is that there's a wait to book for a tattoo appointment. The upside is that nobody will have to wait that long to get tattooed once we start booking again. With there being so many uncertainties in everyone's lives right now, we believe it's important to allow for more flexibility all around.

  • Services and Hours / Covid-19 Update July 16th 2020

    Hello! We have piercing and tattoo updates, as well as updated hours. For the safety of our clients, ourselves, and our community, we are going to be taking things slowly.The last few weeks, Carrie and I have been hard at work tattooing, but we were not offering any lobby hours or piercing services. Starting this week, Molly will be back in the studio for all of your piercing and jewelry needs. She will be taking walk-ins, as well as appointments, but will only be working with one client at a time. Masks will be required at all times, we will take your temperature, and you will being given a health screening questionnaire before the piercing. Since masks will be required on entry to the studio, she will not (for now) be offering any piercings that require removing a mask to perform. She will also have some limited hours, but hopes to return to her regularly scheduled hours soon. For now, piercing and lobby hours will be:

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 12-4 p.m.
    Friday, Saturday: 12-8 p.m.

    On the tattoo front, Carrie and I are still working hard tattooing, and re-booking all of our clients that had appointments during the March 20th-June 15th time period. At this time, we are only allowing 2 people in the tattoo side of studio at a time, the artist, and the client themselves, and as such, all of our appointments are staggered at opposite times. This limits the number of people through the studio, and gives us adequate time to clean between clients. Unfortunately, right now, we are not taking any new appointments, until we have caught up with all of the clients that are still waiting to be rescheduled. If you haven't been called, or e-mailed yet to reschedule, again, please be patient. That also means that we are not going to be doing any tattoo walk-in days for the foreseeable future.

    As we ourselves learn more about this disease, we will continue to update and modify our best practices to reflect the current science and thinking about how to best mitigate the spread of Covid-19.
    Thank you all for your patience and continued support, we are looking forward to seeing you all again.

    -Steve and Carrie

  • July piercing update

    Hey y’all! Molly Moon here!
    Just wanted to make a quick announcement that I will be back in the studio starting Tuesday July 14th!
    I will be taking walk-ins as well as appointments, but I will only be working with One client at a time. Masks will be required at all times, and you will being given a questionnaire before we begin. Since masks will be required I will not (for now) be offering anything under the mask (nasal or oral)
    I will also have some limited hours, but hope to return to regularly scheduled hours soon.

    My new hours are:
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: noon-4
    Friday, Saturday: noon-8

    Once again, all new rules being implemented are subject to change, so please feel free to reach out.
    Thanks! See ya soon!!

  • Re-opening / Covid-19 Update June 18th 2020

    It's been an interesting few months for us all, to say the least. We have all been working on returning to some kind of normal recently. Figuring out how to safely go about doing all the things we love to do takes time, and here at 920 Tattoo, we love tattooing and piercing. So, for the time being, we are going to be taking things slowly. We've implemented new cleaning routines, client booking practices, and several new protective procedures to try to go about continuing to provide the safest services possible. We will be outlining those changes in another post. Some of you may think we are, “going too far,” with our best practices, however, we would rather take extra precautions, than wonder if we could have done more to protect the health of not only ourselves, but our community.

    For now, our lobby is closed to the public, and we are not offering any piercing services. When we are ready to offer piercing again, we will make an announcement here. Check back for updates. Carrie and I are currently re-booking all of our clients that had appointments during the March 20th -June 15th time period. Please be patient. At this time, we are only allowing 2 people in the studio at a time, the artist and the client themselves, and as such, all of our appointments are staggered at opposite times. This limits the number of people through the studio, and gives us adequate time to clean between clients. Unfortunately, right now, we are not taking any new appointments, until we have caught up with all of the clients that are still waiting to be rescheduled. If you haven't been called, or e-mailed yet to reschedule, again, please be patient. That also means that we are not going to be doing any tattoo walk-in days for the foreseeable future. When this changes we will also update here. We want to do the work for you, as much as you'd like to have it done already.

    As we ourselves learn more about this disease, we will continue to update and modify our best practices to reflect the current science and thinking about how to best mitigate the spread.

    Thank you all for your patience and continued support, we are looking forward to seeing you all again.


  • Covid-19 update May 27th 2020

    The local health department, our state, and federal government have provided next to no guidance on how personal service providers like ourselves can stay safe on the job. There are no ways to physically distance ourselves from our clients, and provide our services. Right now, its clear that short of keeping everyone in their homes, quarantined, there is no way to guarantee this virus won't be passed between people. The CDC is still strongly recommending social distancing. This is why larger gatherings have been prohibited, cancelling many of the events scheduled this summer in our community. Limits have been put in place for the number of people allowed indoors in a retail space. Restaurants and bars have limited capacities to encourage social distancing. Mask wearing has become a requirement just like, "no shoes, no shirt, no service," in many businesses, including ours. For the most part, people working in these everyday environments have very short interactions with their customers. We, on the other hand, spend significantly more time within 6 ft of our clients, dramatically increasing the risks involved with doing our jobs, for our clients, as well as ourselves. There are several variables involved with whether or not someone will become infected; each person's overall health, length of exposure, how contagious the specific strain of the virus people are exposed to, etc, and we are trying to figure out how to minimize each of those variables to make it as safe as possible for us to work. Carrie and I are almost 40, meaning that the long term health risks, and our overall chances of being significantly affected by this disease, are much higher than many of our clients, many of whom are between the ages of 18-25 (who also happen to be the most likely group to be carrying Covid-19, and be asymptomatic). Part of our infection prevention plan includes our crew getting regularly tested for the virus, due to the fact that it is possible to be a carrier, and not know it. The last thing we would want would be to unknowingly pass this deadly disease to anyone. Even something as simple as this requires time and resources, further delaying our re-opening. This is just one example of what we are doing to improve the safety of our studio.

    On another note, we are prioritizing the appointments of those that were cancelled on due to the safer at home order, or the delays necessary to make changes to our studio for our re-opening. We apologize to anyone new wanting to get in, but its going to take some time to get everybody who had a cancelled appointment in for their work. We will get everyone tattooed who has already booked, and put a deposit down in the order they were cancelled on. Watch our Facebook and website for announcements regarding when we will be taking new clients and bookings.

    Things are far from normal in our community, and will likely remain uncertain for the foreseeable future. The state has made it clear that it will at no point close the economy again, leaving individuals to decide if and when it is prudent to re-open their businesses, and when to close when conditions deteriorate again. I think it bears pointing out; it was a court decision that very abruptly re-opened our state without any rules in place as to how to safely re-open. By the original conditions set down in the Badger Bounce Back Plan, the state has yet to achieve the basic conditions set for re-opening. As a matter of fact, the extension of the safer at home order was to end yesterday (May 26th, pending the state meeting the criteria set down by the original BBBP). This plan was developed by medical experts and health officials, and should not be dismissed due to politics. Citing some recommendations that are unenforceable from the WEDC does not constitute a re-opening plan. At this point, each of us has to take responsibility for their own health, and decide accordingly how far they are willing to go to protect themselves, as well as their families. There are some that won't like the changes we will be making, and others that will be relieved to see my business taking extra steps. There will be some that dislike being required to wear a mask while in my studio, and choose to go elsewhere for their body mods, and others that will applaud. There are some that have yet to be affected by the pandemic, and don't think its a "big deal," and those of us who have extended families or loved ones in their homes that have been directly impacted. There are others in the tattoo industry that have decided, despite the risks involved, to continue to carry on as they always have, and take few, if any, precautionary measures for their clients or themselves. We are each entitled to come to our own conclusions based on the facts available.

    The bottom line is this; if I don't feel comfortable opening my doors to the public during a pandemic, I won't be re-opening until I do. We literally live above our studio, and I consider my shop space as part of my home. My assistants Molly and Kelsey are part of my family. We will not unnecessarily compromise our safety, the safety of our clients, or our community under any circumstances. Each of us is responsible for what we do during this time, and I challenge each of you to think in terms of what is best for your community, as well as yourselves. We want to get back to our craft, and some kind of "normal," as much as anyone else. We want to see our community safely re-opened, and for others to be able to safely go back to work. We all need to acknowledge the reality that this potentially deadly, highly contagious, unpredictable virus will be with us for some time, and act accordingly. I would much rather look back on the lengths we went to to prevent the spread of Covid-19, and feel like we did too much, rather than too little.

    Steve, Carrie, Molly and Kelsey

  • Re-opening/ Covid 19 update May 2020

    Steve here, to respond to recent developments in the state, and some of your questions regarding when we will re-open. If you’re not interested in any of the details, our tentative re-opening date is June 2nd, and at this point that date may change. You will be contacted regarding rescheduling your appointments loser to reopening. We will honor all deposits and gift certificates.

    For those that are interested, throughout this ongoing pandemic, we here at 920 Tattoo have prioritized the health and safety of our crew, and above all, our clients. While the supreme court decision here in Wisconsin has impacted the future of how pandemics will be handled by our state legislature and government, it is science not politics that will determine when we will reopen. While this court decision technically allows any business in Wisconsin to re-open without any rules or guidelines beyond the existing health codes, we believe it is our responsibility to evaluate and abide by the safety recommendations of the CDC. Our studio has always valued the health of our clients and staff above profit, and will continue to readjust our plans to re-open as needed to best care for the health of our community as a whole.

    Right now, we’re working on sourcing the PPE gear we believe will be necessary to ethically, and safely provide our services to the community. Going forward, we will be abiding by rigid health practices (all clients and customers will be required to wear a mask while in the studio, and required to wash hands upon arrival), and offering limited, appointment based piercing and tattoo services to new clients. For our existing clients, thank you for your continued support.

    As we re-open, we will notify clients privately, as well as publicly on social media about our updated safety protocols for all our clients and ourselves. We appreciate your patience with us as we navigate these new realities.

    920 Crew

  • May 2020 Newsletter/ Covid -19 updates

    What’s up all you cool cats and kittens, it’s your friendly neighborhood 920 Crew, back after a little break, to give you the news you’ve all been craving. In letter form of course. We’ve missed you guys so much, a care react on Facebook isn’t going to cut it. Hopefully, everyone’s been staying safe and healthy, not to mention keeping the boredom at bay. Raise your hand if you’ve organized your cooking utensils by color, brand, and personal prejudice against spatulas that are too floppy, thus never able to provide the sturdy gusto needed to properly flip an egg without the whole yoke just sliding off the side and breaking, inadvertently making the egg nigh inedible at the same time. Look, we all deal with quarantine differently, hopefully, you’ve been doing better at managing your boredom than I have.

    During such challenging times it’s nice to remember that you can get just about any kind of jewelry you need from us, even during a pandemic. Oh, didn’t you know? We’ve got a boatload of jewelry on our website if you're interested in something new and flashy, but we are also selling our basic jewelry too! We might not be able to put it back on for you, but you’ll have the parts you need to get everything back to normal. If you are in need of a piece of jewelry you are not seeing on our website, just send a private message with inquiries to our Facebook so that we can get the info we need to outfit your piercings with exactly what you require!

    If you are looking to get a new piece of jewelry for yourself or a loved one, some origanal fluid art by Carrie, or art prints by Steve and Carrie we’ve got some good news. Friday May 15th from 6-8pm, our studio is going to be taking part in the Downtown Oshkosh Virtual Shop Hop. It’s a virtual event taking place on Facebook, and you can join the event on the Downtown Oshkosh Facebook page. Shop from the comfort of your couch at some of your favorite Downtown Oshkosh Small Businesses. Most will have special offers or sales during the event. Durind the event our studio will be posting special offers and deals only available that night. Adventure Games + Hobby, Klassy Kids, AtomicKatz, and many more are participating, so there will be something for everyone. The event is all about shopping small, and showing support to your local businesses. We hope you’ll come hang out for a while, browse, and find something that you’ll love.

    To end on a more somber note, we’ve been getting questions about when we’ll be reopening, and what will be happening once we do. Until May 26th, we will keep our doors closed for our safety and the safety of our clients as we observe the Safer at Home order. We intend to keep you all updated with any changes, and ask that everyone continue to be considerate and patient with us as we figure out what comes next.

    We hope to be open again soon, but until then, stay safe, stay healthy and remember, wash your hands!
    Kelsey & the 920 Crew

  • Attention all clients of 920 Tattoo Company. We will be closed till further notice. If you are not yet aware, the state of Wisconsin has closed all non essential businesses. This includes tattoo shops. We'll be contacting all affected appointments early next week as we sort out our next steps. We will of course honor all deposits. If this applies to you, you will be getting a call or email.

    We will be checking our messages periodically, so if you need anything, or have any questions, please feel free to message us here, or email us. We will try to get back to you as so as we can. Thanks for your support and patience as we all adjust to the new normal.

    To everyone else in our family, we want you all to be safe and healthy. Please take all precautions that are recommended by officials so we can all make it through in one piece.

    -The 920 Crew

  • March 2020 Newsletter

    Hello, and welcome to the March newsletter, my favorable four leafed clovers. Another winter month is complete, moving all of us patient Wisconsinites another step closer to second winter. I'll wait while you all muster the most unenthusiastic 'YAY' known to man. Only a few more weeks, and the sun and hopefully warmth will return. In the mean time, my lucky clovers, there's no need to let the weather get you down. The 920 Crew is always here to bring a little sunshine into your day, all you need to do is stop down and say hello. Come bask in our sunny dispositions until your vitamin D is maxed out.

    First, let's talk about me; or more accurately, my piercing apprenticeship. We're moving right along with my training, but there's still a bunch of stuff for me to learn. Hopefully sometime this month I'll be learning the septum, but until then, we are still working on a few other piercings. If you, or a friend want a good price for the following piercings, please stop down, or contact the studio, so I can wrap up the last few remaining piercings I need to learn. Philtrum, monroe, tongue, anti-tragus, faux rook and eyebrow are all still available for the apprentice price. Keep me in mind the next time you're feeling bored and impulsive.

    Really quick, I'm gonna drop some knowledge on you adorable, four leafed babies. We all know piercings need to be healed before you can put the SUPER fancy jewelry in it, right? By now you guys should know that, you're pros. So, if you want your piercings to be dressed all the way up before a music festival, or family camping trip, you gotta heal it first. Most things on the ear take 3-9 months to heal, while oral piercings are mere weeks before they are ready to go. So, let's all take a second to think about the future. Which piercings do you want for summer? Don't wait to come in and get them; now is the time. Come down, and we'll get all the holes punched, so you can have them healed before anything cool happens. No need to thank me for the life advice, I'm a piercer for the people.

    Molly is also all about the people, which is why I'm reminding you all that we've got our student discount for any of you college kids out there looking for a piercing fix. All you have to do to redeem the 20% off discount is to show us your valid school ID, and you'll get your savings. And remember, all of our piercing prices include jewelry AND after care products. Combine that with 20% off, and you've got great prices, and professionalism that just can't be matched. Better yet, this discount is applicable all the time, any day we're open. Tuesday at 4:30pm; student discount. Sunday at 2:58pm; student discount. Friday at 12:14pm; student discount again. You're all smart, you get it.

    Finally, for anyone new here, I also wanted to remind you all that we apply tooth gems. You've seen them on celebrities, Youtube Influencers, the whole nine yards. Well, you can be just as cool as them with a little help from the 920 Crew. We've got plenty of color choices to match any style, and we can order shapes in gold and white gold to really sell a look. In fact we have a gold $ symbol in the studio right now, if you think you're baller enough to wear it.

    Other than that, it's business as usual for all of us here at 920 Tattoo Co. As always, we want to extend our utmost gratitude to all of you out there who keep us going and make working seem like anything but a chore. We love seeing all of our clients, new and old, so keep bringing in those smiling faces and we'll keep providing the services you crave. Promise!

    -Kelsey & the 920 Crew

  • February 2020 Newsletter

    Hello, and welcome to February's Newsletter my deviously delicious, dangerously delectable, devilishly desirable chocolates, tucked neatly, and happily into your little slots, inside a large heart shaped box. This month we've got a few dates for ya'll to keep on your calendars, so get those phones ready.
    Are you prepared now? Good, because we've got a huge sale coming up for Valentines day this year. For the entire week of Valentines day (February 11th through Sunday the 16th), all jewelry is going to be 30% off, excluding a few of our specialty brands; but don't let that get you down, because we have a huge selection of jewelry that will be a million times more affordable. Bring your sweet heart in, and get them outfitted with all new jewelry for a great price. Or, if you riding solo this valentines day, come in and treat yourself to the pieces you've had your eye on. Oh, we are also going to be bagging up a few choice pieces for mystery grab bags. They'll be priced between $10 and $20 dollars, and will be organized by piercings. For example, if you need a new selection of navel bars to prepare for the crop tops and bikinis of summer, we'll have bags of the same gauge, all navel bars, waiting for you to roll the dice. On Valentines day, we'll even be handing out a tasty sweet treat to everyone who stops in, that way we can make all of you our valentines. There will be lots to do, see, and buy during our week long Valentines day sale, so don't miss out!
    As far as my apprenticeship goes, the train has been a'rollin'. We've made some good progress on the last few piercings, mainly the faux rook, anti-tragus, and forward helix, but we still need a few volunteers. Looking to the future, I'll be doing tongue piercings and nipples at some point this month, so if those are the ones you been waiting for, your wait is getting a lot shorter. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates on what I'm doing, the prices I'm doing them at, and as always, thank you to all the people who've helped me so far, and the new clients I will meet in the future. None of this would be possible without you tasty little chocolates.
    Now I know that people are getting excited over the love holiday that's right around the corner; whether you're happy, excited, or angry excited makes no difference. If our big sale isn't enough for you, then I have some good news, Carrie is doing walk-ins a bunch this month. The first one in February is on Saturday the 8th at noon, and the second is on the fabled day of love itself, Friday the 14th at noon. Does that mean that you should bring your significant other in and get matching tattoos? Maybe. Does that mean that you should bring your gal pals, and get a tattoo that signifies your undying bond of friendship and love? Definitely. We can do whatever piece you want so long as it's smaller than a Post-It note.
    Next my sugary sweets, I just gotta remind you that Molly Moon has an on going deal for students. Did you forget? No worries, I've got you covered. Anytime you flash your valid student ID, you'll get 20% off your piercing. Yeah, a discount just for going to school, accumulating debt, and killing yourself over a paper you had two months to work on, but decided to finally bang out the night before it's due. You deserve it; seriously. Come in, and get yourself looking fresh and ready to face whatever grade your procrastination has wrought.
    Speaking of reminders, let me drop a little nugget of info on you. We've got tooth gems here, and oh boy do we have a lot of colors. Almost any color you can think of, we've got it. And you know, this is a fact, chocolate tastes better when you've got a beautiful Swarovski crystal on your tooth. It's true, I've tested it myself. There is a bit of research to be done on what two Swarovski's will do, so we leave that to you all. A pair of crystals will only cost you $70, but the self employed research you can take part in is priceless.
    Finally, my delicate morsels of sweet, rich flavor, it's time for us to part ways once again; and yes the parting is such sweet AGONIZING sorrow. We truly want each of you to be our Valentine. Is that selfish, absolutely but we're so madly and deeply in love with each of you, how could you blame us? Anyways, stay safe and warm, and until next time, thanks for everything you do; you are the apple of our eye, the one piece of candy we just can't bare to eat because you're just too beautiful. Have a great month and we'll catch you next time!
    -Kelsey & the 920 Crew

  • January 2020 Newsletter

    Check your three and your six, just to be sure that we did in fact make it to 2020. We've done it my petite, crystal champagne flutes, we've made it to the next year in mostly one piece and mostly sane! Pat yourself on the back; but gently, because we wouldn't want to damage your delicately carved, crystal spines. We may have a moment to rest now, but in the immortal words of any Stark from the Game of Thrones, winter is coming. Well, its actually here, but whatever.

    The crew is back at it again in the studio, eager to see all of the faces we've missed since last year. We all had a great couple of days off, and hope that each of you had an adequate amount of time to spend with family, friends and, most importantly, yourself. Also at this moment, we'd like to thank everyone for being such great clients this last year. You deserve all the gifts, and relaxation in the world for making this last year so magical for all of us here at 920 Tattoo Co!

    With the holidays, and time off, my apprenticeship slowed down a little bit, but with a new year comes renewed determination. For all of those out of the loop, I am trained on the navel, nostril, lower lip, ear lobes, cartilage, industrial bars, rook, daith, tragus and conch. I think that's everything I've passed on, there are so many at this point it's hard to keep track. If your looking for any of those piercings, and have a Sunday free, then stop into the studio to see me and we'll get that hole poked. Of course Molly is here Tuesday through Saturday, and can provide all of the piercings I mentioned before and more; with the added bonus of over 4 years of experience.

    Speaking of, Molly is still offering 20% off for students when you show us a valid school ID. If you didn't want to disappoint your parents for Christmas, fear not. If you come in this winter and get something pierced, they won't be able to judge you until spring break; so that's at least a couple of months of blissful ignorance on their part right? Besides, if you get your navel pierced in the next month or two, it'll be completely healed for summer. You'll be able to change out the basic jewelry for something cuter and flashier in time to pair with your new swim suit. I'm thinking ahead so ya'll don't have to. No need to thank me.

    Speaking of the future, I'm going to be throwing very small, very chill party in the studio every Sunday this month; Carrie and Steve already cleared it so don't try to tattle on me. Anyways, every Sunday of January I'll be offering a select piercing for $10 off. I'm going to be picking the piercing and posting about it on Sundays first thing when we open; so keep your eyes peeled. I'm hoping to do ones that were popular during my apprenticeship, along with one or two that I personally enjoy piercing. It should be a roaring good time, so don't miss out on Sunday Funday with Kelsey.

    That's all folks! Our first newsletter of the year is already at an end. It's sad that it's over but hey, if you wanted more of my sparking personality then you know where to find me. May all of your resolutions come true, my lovely hand carved, one of a kind, crystal champagne flutes. Heres to another year of awesome tattoos and fresh piercings! Cheers!

    -Kelsey & the 920 Crew

  • December Newsletter 2019

    Welcome to the December newsletter one and all. The 920 Tattoo Company sleigh is ready to take off, and we need all of you, our lovely, well fed, and prize winning reindeer, to chariot us into another amazing year. Last month, we had a great Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, so lets keep the sleigh a'rolling and move into 2020 with clear vision (that was my attempt at a joke about hindsight and good vibes). Who's with me?
    Now that we are all on the same page, first let me stop to say thank you to everyone who participated in our Thanksgiving sales. We had a lot of fun piercing y'all, and getting you outfitted with sparkly new jewelry. We had you leaving looking like a two story tall holiday tree just GLITTERING with Swarovski's and opals. Our gift is helping you look 100% more on fleek (is that even still a word people use? Was is ever?) than everyone else at your family holiday party. No need to thank us, we are here to help.
    Keeping the season in mind, we want to extend a word of caution, as we'd be heart broken if anything happened to any of you guys. Please be careful on the roads once the snow starts sticking, look out for ice, and use your judgement. Keep an eye on our page for any weather related closures, and to all of our winter appointments, be careful on your way here.
    Alright, now that my unused maternal instincts have been quelled, lets move on to some actual news, yeah? My apprenticeship has still been going strong. We're working on wrapping up a few piercings that I've yet to master, and for the next month, we'll hopefully be moving on to some new ones. If you’re interested in a bridge, tongue, septum, forward helix, or nipple piercing,  keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on when I'l be doing them. I know people have been excited for a few of these piercings, so don't let me down, and show up in herds. Park your magic sleigh on the roof if you gotta.
    Remember me mentioning that we'd have you leaving looking like a sparkly holiday tree? Well, all of that is going to be easier now that we've gotten a new adhesive for our tooth gems. We had been using a temporary adhesive in case someone wanted to change up their colors or shapes, but we've got a permanent one now too for those of you who have an easy time making decisions. Now your gems and gold shapes will last even longer, spreading that sparkly cheer to the rest of the year. The new addition comes with a whole new price range, so we can give the people exactly what they want. The prices for our normal adhesive are listed first, while the bold and italicized price is for our semi-permanent adhesive.
    Crystals: $40, $60
    Gold: $80, $100
    White Gold: $90, $110
    Gold and a Crystal: $100, $120
    To all the wee baby reindeer currently struggling towards their semester finals and the great winter break, we've got some news. Starting in December, we are permanently going to be offering students 20% off all piercings when you show us your valid school ID. Thats any piercing, all the time, just for showing us a little card. Super easy! With that discount you can get a new piercing for yourself, and not run out of money for Christmas gifts for the fam. That's what we're all about here, spreading cheer to all reindeer, young and old.
    Towards the end of the month we'll be taking a little vacation so, again, keep an eye on our social media to get up dated on when exactly the studio will be closed. Of course, we won't be gone long, but with the warning you'll have time to stop in and grab any last minute gifts for all of those people on your list who fall into the 'nice' category.  Or the naughty ones too, they are probably more fun anyways. As always, gift certificates are available. Give the gift that lasts forever, or until you remove it anyway.
    Whew, we have a lot going on before the new year. The holiday season is a demanding and relentless vixen, and she rest for no man. I hope all of you have a great time with your families and friends, no matter what kind of festivities you'll be taking part in. From our family to your's, we wish all of you the happiest of holidays and a very merry new year! Stay safe my ravishing reindeer; you'll hear from me again in the new decade!
    - Kelsey & the 920 Crew

  • November Newsletter 2019

    Welcome to the November Newsletter, my crunchy little leaves. We've made it through Halloween without getting possessed by a pea soup demon, or mutilated by the quiet dude in a William Shatner mask! Which is, ya know, pretty cool I guess. Honestly, I would have been excited for either of those options, but hey, that might just be me.

    First of all, I'd like to apologize for the Newsletter coming out so late. This spooky season was a busy one here for the crew, with Molly going on vacation, then Steve.

    Fret not my little leaves, we are back in full force now, and wouldn't you know it, we have a lot of exciting things coming up this November. Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday are just around the corner, and we've got some pretty radical deals planned. Both days you'll be able to utilize a $10 off all piercings special, and a bomb buy one, get one half off deal on jewelry! We'll also be running a raffle for dank prizes both of those days as well, so don't sit this one out. We'll be posting more about what you can win over the next few weeks, so keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram page to keep yourselves in the loop. You never know, maybe we're giving away a single human soul as the raffle prize. Those things are expensive.

    Now, a somber note. Since we're having a rad deal on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, we won't be doing a coupon for the month of November. The limit does exist when it comes to the amount of deals a home grown shop can give out. We'll be picking that trend back up like usual for December, so all you coupon cutting bargain hunters don't have to worry. Just mark the 29th and 30th of the month on your calenders, and you'll be able to make good on our sale.

    Obviously, all of that news is reality shattering, and hella important, but we've got even more up our sleeves. I just double checked the books, and it turns out that we'll be having a tattoo walk-in day once a week for nearly the whole month of November. That's right yall, walk-ins, every week. As always, we are hoping to help new and old clients get their fix with pieces that are 3x3 inches or smaller (that's the size of a Post-It note btw), and relatively simple to draw. Don't know if your idea is right for a walk-in day? Easy peasy, just send us your image, and we'll tell you if it would work or not. Other than size, the only thing you need to worry about is getting here right away when the walk-in day starts to reserve your spot, its first come, first served, and you're welcome to either wait at the studio for your turn, or come back at the time we tell you to. Most of them start at noon, and if you're not sure of the time, you can always feel free to call the studio and ask us about start times; just like Wikipedia, we've got all the answers.

    The next bit of news is gonna be a big one for all of our fresh face college students. Instead of doing a piercing of the month like we have in the past, we're switching to having a flat discount of $10 off any piercing whenever you show us your valid student ID. Getting $10 off is great, but going home for the holidays with a nostril piercing you purposefully didn't tell your mother about is priceless. It's limited to one per visit, and is not available with any other deals or coupons.

    Next, we've decided to give y'all a forecast of what piercings I should be practicing this coming month. Now, there are a few stipulations to this forecast, mainly being how quickly I can learn them all. Can't move onto new stuff without finishing what we've started, right? Anyways, we're working on the rook, philtrum, and monroe as of writing this, and we'll be moving onto daith and anti-tragus for the rest of the month. Once again, we ask y'all to keep those pretty peepers glued to the Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on what days I'm doing practice piercings, and how much they'll cost you. As always, I appreciate everyone who has already helped me learn, and I'm eager to get new people in my chair. Bring your gorgeous little leaf faces to me, and I'll adorn you with some fresh piercings and sparkly jewelry!

    Before we go, I just want to remind everyone about the tooth gem price changes we talked about last month; just in case you forgot how much more affordable they've been made.
    $40 – for a crystal
    $70 – for two crystals (additional $20 for every additional gem after the first two)
    $80 – for gold shapes
    $90 – for white gold shapes
    $100 – for a gold shape with a crystal

    Alright my crunchy, dried, crispy little leaves, that's all I have for you this month. We've got an exciting November planned, made even better by the fact that we get to share it all with you fine leaf folk. I'll refrain from getting too sappy (like I do on every single one of these sign offs), and just say thank you for everything!

    -Kelsey & the 920 Crew

  • October Newsletter 2019

    October Newsletter 2019

    It is Halloween, it is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, HALLOWEEN! HALLOWEEN! That's right my gruesome little ghouls, it's October, everyone's favorite time of year, the time of the year when we ask ourselves; Is that real blood, and should I be concerned?

    Our first bit of news is very topical, because Carrie is going to be doing walk-ins on Friday October 25th at noon, and all the designs are going to be hella spooky. Carrie has some designs ready to go, or you can bring your own so long as they are about 3x3 inches, meeting our normal walk-in criteria. (but it must still be spooky!) That way, hopefully, we'll spread the holiday spirit to as many of you as we can! Mark the day on your calendars, and if you want to ensure that you get a spot, we'd suggest getting here right on time at noon. As some of you may know, our walk-in days can get a little bit crazy, so plan to get your ghastly asses here on time!

    Next up is kinda a two-parter. First, I have been hard at work this month training with Molly for my apprenticeship. Up-date, I've passed on the lower lip, nostril, conch, cartilage, lobes, tragus, industrial, and by the time you get this I will hopefully be passed on the navel too. (Call the studio for confirmation on that last one.) I bring up that list again because from October 19th to October 27th Molly is going to be out of the studio on vacation in Salem. Obviously, that's a couple weeks away yet, so I should have a few other piercings under my belt by then. However, so we are all on the same page, I figured I'd let you know what you'll be able to get done the week that Molly is on vacation and I will be doing all the piercings I've been trained on. Besides, how cool is it that she's going to Salem this close to Halloween? I wish I could go too. I can already imagine the beautiful 100 year old victorian houses, littered with colorful leaves and scowling pumpkins, the smell of rain on the air as dark clouds roll in, just before the ghosts of witches scorned burn the unsuspecting towns people alive for their ancestral transgressions. Doesn't it sound wonderful?

    For those students who survive the ghost witch up rising, we humbly offer the industrial as our piercing of the month. If you don't already know, it's technically two piercings done at one time from the top of the ear to the side, so that the bar sits nicely along the flat of the ear. They take 6-9 months to heal, but once it's healed, there are an insane amount of jewelry options to replace the standard starter titanium bar. We have a pretty intense collection here for you to choose from, whether your style reads bouchie banshie or a simple siren. Just bring your valid student ID (and your state ID too) and we'll get you looking 100 times more badass in a few short moments. This piercing is anatomy based, so we'll have to check out your ear before hand to be sure that it can be done. We'll take care of that, all you need to worry about is whether you'd like your new piercing on the right, or left ear.

    Now for the coupon; This month we decided to try something a little different. Buy two pieces of jewelry, and then you'll get a free one from our discount case! That case has a $5, $10 and a $15 shelf that you'll get to choose from, not to mention all the plugs we also have on sale. Just flash us the coupon and we'll let you pick a little something extra for the road.

    The last update is about our lovely little tooth gems. We've decided to change some of the prices. The up dated prices are as follows;

    $40 – for a crystal
    $70 – for two crystals (additional $20 for every additional gem after the first two)
    $80 – for gold shapes
    $90 – for white gold shapes
    $100 – for a gold shape and a crystal

    Alright my gruesome ghouls, that's all I have for you this month. As always, we extended the sincerest thank you to all of our amazing clients! Come down and share some holiday cheer with us this month, take advantage of our deals, and show us how spooky yall can really be.

    - Kelsey & the 920 Crew

  • September News Letter

    September News Letter

    First thing on the agenda is how awesome everyone has been during my apprenticeship! I can't say thank you enough, so I'll try to contain myself. It's been so exciting to see new and familiar faces coming in to help me learn. If your wondering how it's been going, well, IT'S BEEN GOING GREAT! I have passed the nose, cartilage, conch and ear lobes; which means you guys can come in on Sundays and get any of those pierced by me! Since I've passed, those piercings will be full price now when I do them too. Honestly, all of you guys have made this new experience so wonderful for me. So here's a promise, I'll keep doing my best if all of you keep bringing your best into the studio too. Deal?

    As you all know, we like sending our clients home feeling awesome, whether it's because you got a new piercing or because your tattoo turned out perfectly! The next thing we want to add to that list of perfectly applied body modifications is our tooth gems. I know y'all must remember me talking about them before, but guys, they are seriously so easy. They are applied with virtually zero pain, a feat we can't claim about most of our other services, and to be completely honest mine is so cute and fun. I am excited to show people my little white gold moon and most people I showed were into it; like a lot. If a Swarovski gem isn't your vibe don't worry, there are many other options. Snakes, stars, spiders, seahorses, scorpions and, I kid you not, scissors. So here's the best part; during September we are taking $20 off the price of our tooth gems! The Swarovski gems are only $50, which is the same price as a nostril or a cartilage piercing. Let us help you treat-yo-self and add a little bling to those already stunning smiles!

    Now, I know what your thinking; “Kelsey, that's an insane deal, you should stop now because it literally can't get better.” Well, to that I must respectfully say, no, I'm gonna keep going. YOU CAN'T STOP ME! But seriously, our coupon this month is buy one get one ½ off body jewelry. Yes we've done similar sales before but who doesn't want to get more jewelry for less? This deal excludes our Diablo case unfortunately, but the rest of our vast selection is totally up for grabs. Think about it; this deal combined with our discount case... Oof.

    Finally we have our student discount piercing of the month for September. In honor of all the students coming back or starting their first year of college, we offer the nostril piercing as tribute. We've done this one before but honestly, what piercing is simpler and more accepted through out the country as 'acceptable'? Want a new look but can't commit to dying your hair? A nostril piercing. Hoping to start the school year with “NEW YEAR, NEW ME” vibes? A nostril piercing. Want to show your parents that you can no longer be controlled, that the chains have fallen away and that you will no longer bend to their will; but also that you love them and don't really want to make them too angry. A nostril piercing. They look good on just about anyone; girls, boys, the lizard person next door! And now, by the grace of the piercing gods, the nostril piercing can be yours with $10 off when you show us your valid student ID. Oh and you wanna know what else is cool about this? As I mentioned before, I passed the nostril, so you can come get your student piercing on Sundays too!

    Okay, that's everything. Was it long? Maybe. Was it worth it? I guess that's for you to decide. But it is over now. Thanks for all you do, my lovely little garden gnomes. I pray that your lawns stay green well into the winter solstice and for all time after!

    -Kelsey & the 920 Crew

  • August Newsletter

    August Newsletter

    Welcome to the August Newsletter everyone! This month is going to be a busy one here at the studio thanks to all the appointments and apprenticeship. Oh, haven't you heard? I'm being trained as a piercer so that we can provide the Fox Valley with piercings on Sundays, as well as the rest of the days we are open. We are hoping to have me trained and ready by the time college starts back up, which means we'll be having promotions where in brave souls will come forward for discounted piercings done by me; the plastic bag floating in the wind, that's not really interested in starting again, Kelsey. I'm pretty excited about this and I hope that all of you are too! If you're interested in getting something pierced by me, keep an eye on our Facebook page. We'll be looking for people who want to come in for specific piercings. These promotional days will be by appointment only, with very limited spots, so if you see a piercing you've been wanting for a while, my suggestion would be to message us as soon as you can.

    Meanwhile, in Molly Moon's booth, we are offering $10 off lip piercings with a valid school ID. That includes the Labret, which is centered below the bottom lip and can look great with a sparkly gem or a hoop (once healed). This month's piercing also includes things like snake bites and spider bites, or single lip piercings on the left or right of center. Oral piercings may seem like they'd be hard to take care of, but don't worry your aggressively beautiful heads; in typical 920 fashion you'll be getting all the tools you need to make sure that it heals wonderfully. That means we give you the soap, sea salt and mouth wash that a new oral piercing requires. With the $10 off that means you're running out of here with a pretty dope deal. But pump the breaks y'all, Wisconsin state law says that we can't do oral piercings on anyone below the age of 18, so keep that in mind. But all you legal, hauntingly desirable people, come on down and step your lip game up.

    Our coupon this month is buy one get one ½ navel bars. All y'all coming back for school but not willing to give up the summer vibes yet, this one is for you. And, honestly, who doesn't fall into that category? Fall is great and all, but you know what comes after fall? Winter. Hold on to your mid summer dreams with a cute, new, sparkly bit for your expired tummy tube!

    For those interested in tattoo walk-in availability, we will be offering tattoo walk-in days 8/2, 8/17, 8/23, and 8/31. A friendly reminder; walk-in tattoo designs at our studio are typically smaller than an average palm, and able to be drawn and tattooed in under an hour. For more elaborate work, we request our clients make an appointment. It gives us the opportunity to accommodate as many folks as possible on our walk-in days.

    Lastly, my lovely little babushkas, we've been having a great summer thanks to the hard work of our staff and the lively clients who keep the days fresh and interesting. As always, we thank you for your dedication and hope to see you in the studio soon!

    -Kelsey the plastic bag, & the 920 Crew

  • July Newsletter

    July Newsletter

    Welcome back you beautiful baby angels!

    It's July, and you know what that means. It's going to be unbearably hot... Like the worst kind of heat. Oh, and it's the birth month of this rockin' country, duh! Thursday July 4th the studio will be closed so all of us here can celebrate! We'll be back at it again on Friday the 5th.

    In my last, long winded PSA, I mentioned the danger that sunlight presents for tattoos, but forgot to mention another important safety hazard. If your getting ink this summer, you have to remember not to go swimming. I know it'll be hard with all the UV rays trying to slowly cook your unsuspecting human body, but you've got to listen to me. We ask that you don't soak or submerge any fresh ink until it's fully healed, which is usually about two weeks. Instead of swimming to avoid the rising temperatures, might I suggest air conditioning? Might seem a bit harsh, but the heat is temporary, and your tattoos are meant to last forever. So, take care of them kids!

    Speaking of air conditioning, we have it. If you wanna dip off the sahara desert of white pavement on Main Street Oshkosh, we are happy to have you. Even better than the air conditioning is our newly organized discount jewelry cabinet. We have $5, $10 and $15 options, all conveniently displayed and ready for your perusal, not to mention a selection of plugs and tunnels sorted out for your viewing pleasure. We've made sure to give you lovelies options for all kinds of piercings at different price ranges, so why not swerve the death laser in the sky for a second and check it out?

    Do you follow all those girls on Instagram lookin' like snacks with their piercings and tattoos? Have you seen the smokin' dudes rocking their gold jewelry and flexing on the haters? Do you want to be an Instagram baddie too? Well have no fear my sweet little angels, if you come to the studio in July and flash your student ID you'll get $10 off a philtrum piercing. If you don't already know, a philtrum is the spot under your nose and above your lips, nestled in your cupid's bow. They are growing in popularity and offer a central face location to display gems or other shaped bead tops. Molly has been sporting one for a while now, matching the bead to her other jewelry for a cohesive and eclectic look. Become an Instagram baddie in minutes with the help of Molly Moon and the 920 facilities.

    Our big news for the month is something we've talked a little bit about on our social media, it's our new service; tooth gems! As you may have already seen, we have recently start to offer a new body modification service that could easily change the way you feel about your smile. There have been a lot of questions floating around so I'm going to do my best to answer as many as I can. The first type of tooth “gem” we offer is an assortment of colored Swarovski crystals ranging from Amethyst, Ruby, Blue Zirconia, Aqua, Pink, Gold, Aurora Borealis, and Cubic Zirconia (diamond). The second type we will be offering are gold and white gold shapes, with some gold and white gold pieces containing gems as well. There are a bunch of different kinds that we can order from our supplier, but the studio at the time of writing this has a star and a money symbol. As with our jewelry, we are happy to custom order different gold shapes to suit your taste and style, so ask us about the kind your looking for and we'll do our best to procure it.

    These gems are a fun addition to the body modification services we already offer, and as such, we've done our research to provide you with the best service possible. The adhesive we use is the same kind that dentists or orthodontists would use to attach braces. The gems can remain in place from one week to six months, however, it could last up to over one year. To ensure their longevity frequent brushing and general oral hygiene are strongly encouraged. Also, if your gem comes off and you don't find it anywhere it's likely that you've swallowed it; but not to worry! The gems will pass through your body naturally, and without causing any compilations.

    Now onto what you've all probably been waiting for, the prices. We are offering the basic Swarovski gems for $70, gold for $100 and white gold for $110. If you wanted a combination of gem and gold that would come out to be $125. But right now, to celebrate our new service, we are offering $20 off all tooth gems when you come to the studio and show us the attached coupon! There is no better time to come in and take advantage of our new service, so don't forget your coupon, and we'll see you soon.

    As my closing statement I'd like to extend yet another earnest thank you to all of our rad and loyal clients for making all of this possible! We'll see you all in the future, but till then; stay classy, sassy and metal af.

    -Kelsey and the 920 Crew

  • June Newsletter

    Welcome back to the monthly newsletter, guys, gals and non-binary pals!

    June is LGBTQ+ pride month, and this year, the crew at 920 is joining the celebration. Molly took a few of our white, 920 branded t-shirts, and tie dyed them with rainbows so that we, and anyone who wears them, can show support for our queer brethren. They are going to be custom, one of a kind pieces, with a limited quantity. Sizes and patterns are going to be just as limited, so if you want to snag one of these bad boys you should hurry on down! A portion of the proceeds will be going to the LGBTQ+ Resource Center at UW Oshkosh, so we can give back and show the community some love. If you don't want a new, custom, amazing, handmade, limited edition, one of a kind shirt, but still want to support the cause, we'll be taking donations as well.

    Our booking and deposit policies are changing as of June 1st. For each appointment booked, we will now be requiring a $100 deposit. For a multi-session tattoo, we will require $100 for each appointment scheduled. The client may use their $100 deposit for each appointment, to cover a portion of the cost of each session. Or, if the client has multiple appointments and prefers, they may save their deposits, and apply the balance towards their final appointment's cost. Look at it as a downpayment for each appointment's tattoo time. We also will require our clients to provide us with 48 hours notice if they need to cancel, or reschedule their tattoo appointments. This is no different from similiar policies all dental, doctor, or cosmetic services follow. We invest a significant amount of time preparing for our client's tattoo appointments prior to thier sit. If the client does not provide us with 48 hours notice, they will lose their $100 deposit for their appointment. If the client would like to reschedule at that time, we will require a new deposit, and their new appointment will be booked at the end of the schedule. Also, if a client no calls/no shows the day of their appointment, and have a large, multi-session tattoo scheduled, they will forfeit their entire deposit for all appointments made, and all additional appointments will be removed from the schedule. So, just give us a call, and let us know if you can't make it to your appointment a minimum of 48 hours ahead of time. That way our clients can keep thier deposit, and we have an opportunity to fill the time. It's a win-win. We understand these changes may seem harsh, but the goal is to enable more people to actually get tattooed. When we (Carrie and Steve) reserve time to do a tattoo for someone, we have told others we are not available. We have also prepared for the appointment, having produced a custom tattoo design. When we are not provided enough notice, it is very difficult to get another client to take the appointment. We would like to keep as full a schedule as possible to serve as many clients as possible each day. The changes we are making are intended to ensure everyone scheduling tattoo time intends to keep their appointment, and to partially compensate us for our un-used time when they do not.

    With the weather getting warmer, we'd like to extend a little reminder to all our modified friends that the sun is a destructive force when it comes to tattoos. It's a fact that new, and old tattoos, suffer when they are in the sun for long periods without protection. We all want to go camping or swimming at camp Crystal Lake, but we have to remember the art work we've collected on our bodies. Here at 920 Tattoo we suggest an SPF of at least 30, and reapplying as instructed on the bottle. It's also good to remember that piercings prefer to stay nice and clean, so even though the lake looks like a refreshing cure to the heat and a good escape from the hockey masked freak who's been chasing you and your teen aged friends through the forest all night, remember to wash any and all piercings afterwards to ensure their health and longevity. As always we suggest antimicrobial or unscented soaps and sea salt soaks to keep your piercings clean and happy. Take these tips to heart and you might just make it through the summer in one piece.

    With that PSA out of the way lets move onto something a little more fun. The student piercing this month is a cartilage, or a helix if your nasty. Easy to do and pretty easy to heal, these piercings take about 3 – 9 months to be fully healed and are super versatile as far as jewelry. It's a great starter piercing but it also works well with an ear already packed with jewelry. Scratch the piercing itch with us this month when you flash your valid student ID and receive $10 off the piercing of your choice.

    Any of you Oshkosh natives will know that June is not only pride month but also the start of the farmer's market. In past years we've opened our doors early to accommodate those early bird shoppers on the streets perusing home grown goods. This year is going to be much the same. Every Saturday of the farmer's market I'll be opening the studio at 11 a.m. to offer our regular, vast selection of jewelry and, the opportunity to talk about your body modification ideas. The rest of the crew will be getting in at noon like usual, but if your in the mood to keep shopping after you've exhausted all the root vegetables and metal artwork, you know where to find me.

    Those are all our updates this month! Once again we'd like to thank all our clients for your support and enthusiasm.

    -Kelsey, and the rest of the 920 Crew

  • May News Letter

    May News Letter

    Greetings and salutations lovely 920 fam!

    This month we've got a few important announcements. We are going to be taking a little vacation from Tuesday May 7th until Friday May 10th ,and then also Sunday May 12th. No one is going to be in the shop those days, but Molly is coming in on Saturday May 11th for Wine Walk, so you'll be able to stop by then to get some jewelry, or partake of the festivities. The first few weeks of May are a mad house here for the crew, with vacations, weddings and general self care time off; so we thank you for being patient and understanding during our little week off.

    Speaking of Wine Walk, if you guys can make it on Saturday May 11th you should! It runs from 2 – 6pm with a whole host of small businesses taking part. Wine tickets are $26 and it's $6 for designated driver tickets. You'll need to purchase your tickets online at www.squareup.com/store/downtown-oshkosh. Tickets include a goodie bag with a map, a punch card for your wine samples, a chance to win prizes, and more! Not to mention you'll be able to hang out with Molly during our week off.

    Next up is our student piercing of the month. This time around we are going for one of Molly's favorites, the conch! This piercing is easy to sit through, comfortable in the long term, and a nifty little place to store a few opal gems, or have a cool hoop. I've had mine for years and love it; the space is big enough to be versatile for different pieces of jewelry, and also tucked away enough that it doesn't get caught on things too easily. The fun doesn't start and stop with the piercing, this month we are giving $15 off instead of $10! That brings the total price down to $40 with jewelry and after care included.

    Our coupon this month is extending part of our anniversary jewelry sale, particularly the part where we have select $7 plugs! Show the coupon and we'll show you the discounted treats we've still got after our amazing anniversary sale.

    We'd like to extend another deep thank you to everyone who came and supported us during our sale, and those who support us the rest of the year with your cool tattoo projects and piercings. We said it before and we'll say it again, none of this would be possible without all of you, and we are eternally grateful!


    From all of us here at 920 Tattoo Company we wish you a glorious May and hope to see you soon.

    -Kelsey & the 920 Crew

  • Anniversary Newsletter

    We are in your inbox again this April with some super cool news. As some of you might know, our studio's anniversary is April 20th, and this year we are celebrating seven years of providing the Fox Valley with great tattoos, piercings, and customer service. None of this would be possible without our dedicated clients, so we'd like to extend a warm, and deeply grateful thank you to all of those who have come along on this journey with us. It's been a honor to work with each of you, and we hope to have another seven years of making body modification dreams come true for clients new and old.

    To help celebrate our anniversary, we've decided to offer a few special deals as a token of our appreciation. From Friday April 19th until Sunday April 21st we are offering a buy 2 get the 3rd 70% off for our jewelry selection! Diablo plugs are included but some specialty pieces in that collection will still be at their regular prices. That said, there is a vast selection of jewelry for every piercing imaginable, all on sale. We are also offering select plugs for just $7. Perfect time to come in and snatch up the sizes you plan to stretch to or get a few new pairs just to freshen up your look. Stop into the studio on Friday April 19th , Saturday April 20th , or Sunday April 21st to help us celebrate another year. Once again we thank you for allowing us the honor of tattooing and piercing you.

    From all of us here at 920 Tattoo Company, thank you, and hopefully we'll see you soon!
    - 920 Tattoo Crew

  • April 2019 Newsletter

    April 2019 Newsletter

    It's Tuesday, my dudes!

    Welcome to the April newsletter everyone, and we're getting right into it. We have a new piercing of the month for all of you students (high school or college Ids accepted); we're offering $10 off nostril piercings! They take about 3 – 4 months to heal, and will have you kicking off this summer looking fresh. If you can't afford that rhinoplasty you've been dreaming of maybe a shiny new piercing will have the same effect? Noses big and small are welcome.

    Just a fast reminder about our jewelry club, even though I've already talked your ear off about it in the last few newsletters. Y'all, it's pretty rad, and you can win great prizes just for getting the unique jewelry you're already buying. If you want more information, feel free to ask me or Molly while you're in the studio, or check out the back log of newsletters on our website for further details.

    This month I was given a special mission, so I went under cover as special agent Betty Macklin to get some tea on our lovely and passionate piercer, Molly Moon. With my most reflective sunglasses donned, I got into a string of questioning; and let me say, the findings were more than I could have ever imagined. For example, she's been working at 920 Tattoo Company since June of 2015, and has been piercing since November of the same year. That's four years of providing the energetic service we've all come to expect and enjoy. Through my intense, but subtle, questioning I also discovered that she's been a vegetarian for 14 years. Molly prefers appointments over walk-ins, and enjoys piercing conchs the most. She likes long walks beside the lake under a full moon and running wild through the woods like, and I quote, “a banshee”. Perhaps the most important bit of information I gleaned was that she is, in fact, team Edward. Macklin, out.

    Isn't Molly the best? Not only did she deal with my questions but she's also taken control of the coupon this month to give everyone, not just students, a good deal If you show us the attached coupon, you'll be getting $5 off any piercing. When she said anything, she meant it! Limit one per customer and it can't be added to the student deal, sorry kids; but hey, if you don't want to get your nostril done this month you can get a discount on something else.

    I know we've been very enthusiastic about a particular jewelry order for a while, but I'm happy to announce that our Diablo Organics haul has arrived. All of the polls we took on Facebook, and talks we've had with customers in the studio, have finally bore fruit. We have all the pretties on display and are more than excited to talk to anyone who will listen about the stones and metal. So if you've got a few weddings to go to this spring like I do, and want a piece that'll class up any outfit, come take a look at the shiny brass and natural stone that we just got in. We were careful to get pieces that could work for people with stretched ears and those without, so you don't have to worry about finding your gauge; we have it.

    Finally, from everyone here at the studio, we'd just like to thank you all for bringing your business to us and keeping our days busy with cool tattoo and piercing projects! Stay golden!

    -Kelsey and the 920 Tattoo Crew

  • March 2019 Newsletter

    March 2019 Newsletter

    Hey y'all!

    This March we are doing a two week long raffle for a lovely pair of Diablo earnings, shown below! If you want to enter you have a few ways. The first is to find the corresponding Facebook post, comment on it and share it, and BAM your entered. If you happen to be in the studio and spend $25 on jewelry or a piercing you'll get entered! And last but most certainly not least, if you buy any Diablo Organics jewelry you'll get entered! Do all three and triple your chances of winning.

    Also this month's coupon is for those of us with stretched ears. Bring in the attached 920 coupon (you can print it or just show it to us on your phone) and get a buy one, get one ½ off discount on plugs and tunnels! That includes our real stone Diablo Organics collection too.

    While your here getting your name entered for that jewelry raffle and buying a few things for yourself, it would be a perfect time to join our jewelry club too! I mentioned it last time month, but just in case any of you are new here I'll spell out the goodies again. You get 1 point for every $10 you spend and the prizes are as follows:

    10 pts = Free T-Shirt
    20 pts = $10 off next jewelry purchase
    30 pts = ½ off piercing
    40 pts = $25 off next jewelry purchase
    50 pts = Free Piercing

    Just like last month we have a deal going on for students. For the entire month of March, bring in your student ID and you'll get $10 off a navel piercing. It'll be looking cute and sparkly just in time for summer trips to the lake or maybe that out door séance you've been putting off. Dance around the fire and let your bedazzled belly jewelry entice all who witness it, living or dead.

    Are you looking for a new nose hoop? Are you scouring for a specific color gem topper? Are you hunting for a piece that literally only you would like and can't imagine a place that would have something so obscure and horrific in stock? Don't worry man, we got you. We make custom orders! Anything your little heart could desire can be yours and all you'll have to do is wait for it to be delivered. Do you need a rose gold septum clicker with blue opals? We can order it. Do you need nipple bars with other nipples as the beads? If we can find it we'll order it for you!

    And to all of you a good night!
    Take it easy
    -Kelsey & the 920 Crew

  • Feburary 2019 Newsletter

    Greetings Fox Valley guys, gals and non-binary pals!

    We hope everyone's New Year's resolutions are still going strong, here at 920 Tattoo Company we've been keeping up with our's by working on new projects for you all to enjoy! 2018 was one of our best years to date and we know that it's thanks to our client's dedication that we were able to surpass our goals. This year we hope to keep that train rolling, starting with some changes and hopefully some more opportunities to provide the Fox Valley with all their body modification needs.

    Firstly, by the grace of Molly Moon and the ever vigilant Steve and Carrie, we've decided to bring monthly coupons to you fine people as part of our new changes. This month, if you print off the contained coupon or show it to us on your phone in studio, we'll be giving you a cool $10 off your jewelry purchase! This excludes our Diablo Organics collection, but the rest of the store is up for the discount.

    Next we are updating some of our piercing prices as we move towards providing you with internally threaded, implant grade Titanium jewelry. This metal is top of the line and should help all our sensitive skinned friends out there heal to perfection. We'll be moving towards this change over the next several months and we will still be providing some medical grade surgical steel as options.

    We are also revamping our jewelry and piercing club so that you get even cooler rewards! Instead of collecting punches to ten and getting your ten dollars off, we've opened the flood gates to even more prizes! The rules are pretty simple, every $10 you spend gets you a punch on your card, save them up and you'll get a bunch of options.

    10 punches = 1 Free T-Shirt
    20 punches = $10 off next jewelry purchase
    30 punches = ½ off piercing
    40 punches = $25 off next jewelry purchase
    50 punches = 1 Free Piercing

    But wait, theres more! For those of you who are students, working yourself to the bone for that degree, we are offering $10 off tragus piercings this month when you show us your valid school ID. If you don't know, a tragus is that tiny little nub right before your ear canal and it looks especially good with a sparkly opal post. Part of our New Years resolutions is to change what piercing we give a discount on each month, so if the tragus isn't your speed, wait till next month when it'll be something different or go full on Pokemon and catch them all!

    Thats all from us here at 920 Tattoo Company, but it won't be the last. Keep an eye on your inbox for next month's newsletter and the specials that will be hidden inside it!

    -Kelsey & the 920 Crew

    B-B-B-Bonus round!
    I don't know how many of you have met me yet, but hi, I'm Kelsey. I've been working at the studio for about four months as an assistant to Steve, Carrie, and Molly. I will talk your ear off about video games or anime, so if you want to get out of the studio in a timely manner I'd suggest avoiding those topics near the front counter! Lets get to know me better with two truths and a lie; I have a cat named Church, I have a cat named Chapel and I have five cat tattoos. I've tricked you, they were all true! Have a nice day and I hope to meet you in person soon!

    -Kelsey, again, okay bye

  • Winter 2017

    We've updated our piercing prices in the FAQ section of the website, so if you're wondering how much the piercing of your choice will cost, cruise on over there to find out. We'd also like to thank you for your patience and willingness to work with us. There are many tattoo studios in the valley to choose from, and we appreciate you choosing us. Carrie and Steve, the owners of the 920 Tattoo Company are currently the only full-time tattoo artists working at the studio. They are working on bringing in guests regularly, and will post this availability as it happens. Check Facebook for guest artist availability, or call the studio to make inquiries. To maintain the same level of quality and customer service our community has come to expect, the owners have decided to not employ additional artists on a permanent basis at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but we will not sacrifice what has made the 920 Tattoo Company a name you can trust in Oshkosh.

    Also, a friendly reminder for anyone holding a gift certificate. They expire one year from date of purchase. If your gift certificate is nearing its expiration date, you must book an appointment if you want to use it. As long as an appointment is booked, and deposits are left, we will honor your gift certificate, even if it expires before your scheduled appointment. BUT YOU MUST HAVE A SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT. No exceptions. You may use your gift certificate as a deposit on your upcoming scheduled tattoo, towards a piercing or the balance of a tattoo, or merchandise including body jewelry.

    Thanks! And we hope everyone is having a happy new year.

    -Steve, Owner, 920 Tattoo Co.

  • May Newsletter 2016

    We are making a change to how we schedule larger pieces. Unfortunately, a few bad apples have forced us to require a larger deposit for multi-session tattoo work. From now on, for each appointment booked, you will be required to put $50 down for each session. For example, if your tattoo will require 1 appointment, you would need to put down a $50 deposit. If your design will require 4 sessions, you would be required to put down $200 (4 sessions @ $50/session = $200). If your design requires more than 4 sessions to complete, the maximum we will require for a deposit is $200. We spend as much time preparing for larger tattoos as we do actually tattooing them, and as a result, when folks end up not getting tattooed, we end up investing a lot of time we aren’t getting compensated for. As always, your deposit will go towards paying for your last tattoo session.

    Also, it’s been brought to our attention that some of our prospective clients are uncomfortable with booking appointments months in advance, without getting to see their designs months in advance. We like to prepare for our upcoming tattoos close to the time when we will actually be tattooing them for a number of reasons. It ensures that the idea is fresh in our minds when we actually sit down to tattoo it, and have many other requests to fulfill before getting to the newest requests. We draw each request in the order it was received. For those whom would prefer to see something before their upcoming appointment, we recommend scheduling a consultation with the artist you will be working with. This can be done a maximum of 2 weeks prior to the scheduled tattoo appointment. During that consultation you will have the opportunity to see a sketch of your design, and review the specifics of your request. You will, however, not be allowed to leave the studio with any artwork at that time. We apologize for any inconvenience, however, we have to prevent prospective clients from taking our art and having it tattooed elsewhere, by other artists.

    Molly is almost done with her piercing apprenticeship, and only has a few practice piercings left to finish her training. Please call the studio to take advantage of this opportunity, there are still a handful of $10 piercings available. Please call ahead to ensure there's space on your desired day, and to see which piercings are being offered for $10. All piercings are done under supervision, and include all aftercare products.

    We greatly appreciate your continued support, and interest in our art. Thank you for your patience, and we look forward to seeing you!

    920 Tattoo Crew

  • January Newsletter 2016

    First, thank you all for helping make 2015 our best year yet. Without all of your continuing support, it would not have been possible. We are working on making our service easier to use, and more convenient for everyone. We appreciate your patience, and willingness to work with us.

    We are in the process of training a new body piercer, our current assistant Molly, and she is learning quickly. Soon, we hope you all will no longer need to make appointments, or return for piercing services due to Carrie’s schedule. We hope her training will be completed within the next few months. Also, we are constantly adding new body jewelry to our stock, and if you can’t find a color/size/style you’re looking for, we can also special order anything you’d like for no additional cost. We are also working on setting up a system to make mail order possible via the web for jewelry, so stay tuned.

    As a reminder, Carrie and Steve are the only full-time tattoo artists at our studio, however, we have been hosting guest artists somewhat regularly to add availability and variety to our shop. Check our Facebook page to see any upcoming dates for our guests. At this time, we have no plans on adding a third full-time artist to the shop. This means the wait time for appointments may be weeks. Our suggestion is to book early if you have a specific date you would like to be tattooed on. We are working hard to get everyone who would like to be tattooed by us into the studio in a timely fashion, and again appreciate your patience. We want to keep the quality of your tattoo experience and art as high as we possibly can, and sometimes that means things take a little longer.

    The last bit of business is a tougher one; after 4 years of operation, sad to say, everything costs more. From taxes to the cost of supplies, there really isn’t any cost of doing business that hasn’t increased. The result is that we’ve decided we need to raise our hourly rate from $100 per hour of tattoo time to $125 per hour. Compared to other tattoo studios in the area, we still feel this rate is fair and competitive. Our minimum of $50 for a half hour of tattooing is still valid. If you already have an appointment scheduled, and a price for your tattoo request quoted, we will honor any quotes we’ve already given. This change will apply to future appointments and requests.

    We look forward to serving you in this upcoming year, and can’t wait to see what interesting and dynamic tattoo requests will come our way!

    Steven Anderson
    920 Tattoo Company
    Oshkosh, WI

  • Shop changes Summer June 2015

    Hello Everyone!

    Some changes have occurred here at 920 Tattoo, first of all, the lovely Sasha is no longer piercing with us so Steve and Carrie will be taking care of all of your piercing needs, since Carrie and Steve primarily tattoo, it would be best to call the shop and schedule an appointment, but we will still take walk-ins if their schedule permits. We also have tons of new body jewelry to choose from and if we don't have something in your size, we can custom order it just for you! We will also be getting a fresh supply of new summer tanks to choose from as well as hot new colors of our T-shirts and hoodies.

    Secondly, My name is Molly, I am the new counter girl and I'm here to answer all of your burning questions! If you need to make an appointment, reschedule or cancel, please give me a call or shoot us an e-mail.

    Since it is getting closer to swimming season, remember if you have a fresh tattoo for about two weeks NO POOL, LAKE, HOT TUB OR WATER PARKS!

    Have a great Summer!!
    Love, 920 Tattoo Co.


    February 5th, 2015

    Happy (belated) New Year! A very prosperous and positive new years to everyone, and we here at 920 Tattoo hope you all enjoyed your time with friends and family. As you all know, new year means new year resolutions, and if yours includes getting a new tattoo or piercing, we can help!

    First bit of business, Peter has once again headed on to new pastures. We enjoyed having him here over the last 4 months, and wish him well on his future endeavors. If you have an unfinished tattoo by him, or would like to reach him for future work, drop us a line, and we will pass along his contact information.

    If you are not aware, we are now offering body piercing at our studio. Sasha is working full-time, Tuesday through Sunday for all of your piercing needs. We are constantly getting new jewelery, so check back often for sales, and new pieces for all piercings. We can also special order anything you would like, so don't be afraid to ask if you don't see the piece that you're looking for.

    We also will be offering time for walk in tattoos in February, on Friday or Saturday of each week. Call the studio (920-479-6144) to check for availability. Please make sure that if you're trying to get in on a walk in day that your design is simple, and smaller than your hand. If your design will take longer than 30 minutes to design, it would be more appropriate to make an appointment.

    Thanks for all of your continuing support, and we look forward to seeing you again!

    Best Wishes,
    920 Tattoo


    Dear Folks, with the holidays approaching we have some days we will be closed to celebrate with family and friends.

    Wednesday December 24th Christmas Eve
    Thursday December 25th Christmas day
    Wednesday December 31st New Year's Eve
    Thursday January 1st New Year's day

    As always you may give us a call to check for availability or simply stop in.

    Side note on walk-ins, mostly every Tuesday and Wednesday Peter "Heavy" will be welcoming walk ins. Most Fridays and Saturdays just give us a call to see who is tattooing.


    Next time you are in the shop and you are thinking about purchasing some jewelry ask to join our body jewelry club!

    How does it work? Well for every $10 dollars you spend you will receive a point. These points do not expire until you reach your limit of 10 points. When you reach 10 points you will receive a $10 dollar gift certificate that you may use towards new jewelry, accessories, t-shirts, tanks, and sweaters!

    Not valid to use towards a piercing nor tattoo

    Does it cost anything? It is free to join!

    Other perks in joining the club is if you give us your birth date you will receive a surprise gift from us!

  • SO NEW

    Hey everyone our shop has expanded along with our jewelry selection! Don't forget to stop in and check out our new additions. We are also carrying locally made jewelry!

    New things at 920, we hope all of you are enjoying your summer!

    -920 Crew


    920 Tattoo version 2.0 !

    We will be closed May 27th Tuesday through May 30th Friday. We will resume our normal hours May 31st Saturday. Stay tuned!

    920 Crew


    That's right we are now offering Body Piercing! Give us a call or stop in to find out our prices!

    We are always upgrading our body jewelry selection at the studio. There is also the Black Sparrow club, which for every $10 dollars you spend you receive a point. When you reach a certain number of points you receive a gift card! Just ask about it the next time you are in the studio!


    We've updated our merchandise! We have our basic 920 Tattoo Co. in Black, Blue, Green, and Red. We do have a Party Wolf design available in a Heather Blue. These shirts are $10!

    Pullover Hoodies are $35 and are available in Black.

    So stop in and check them out!


    We do have foursquare for those who partake in this activity!
    Try to become Mayor if you feel you can take on our currently Mayor.
    Let us know how we are doing, or if you loved your tattoo!

    Click Here to access page.

    Like Pinterest ? Check out our board! See if your tattoo made it online!

  • Find us on Google+

    That's right we have an account with Google Plus!


    You can check out Steve and Carrie's artwork and
    you may even write a review letting us know how we are doing.


    We hope you are enjoying the holiday season and staying warm! Steven and Carrie are back from their getaway vacation. They are ready to get back to work! With the new year approaching shortly we decided to make some new changes! Nothing too drastic we promise!

    -We will be sticking to Walk-Ins dates to accommodate those with simple tattoo ideas, those who want a tattoo for their spontaneous moments, along with welcoming New clients! Walk in's will be first come first serve. Tattoos must be small and able to be completed in the 30-45 minute range, and YOU MUST know what design you would like to do before hand! Our scheduled walk-in days are (and will be) Fridays 4pm-8pm (Carrie) and Saturdays 12pm-8pm (Steven). This will not remain unless stated otherwise, like we stated before we'd love to see new faces as well as returning ones!

    -As far as appointments goes if you need to schedule, cancel, or reschedule an appointment PLEASE do not hesitate to give us a call! We do not always get a chance to check Facebook/E-mail right away, so we may miss your message! Remember consults are free and give us a chance to discuss your tattoo design! We do however require a $50 deposit (which goes towards your tattoo appointment), this is just a little prepay, and lets us know you are serious.

    -We will be decorating our entrance with fabulous new flash art! So don't forget to stop in to check it out once we have it up! Along with new t-shirts for Men!

    -LAST thing, promise! We would love to hear your input! If you love your tattoo please take a second to review us on Google! We'd greatly appreciate it!


    920 CREW



    Steven and Carrie will be out of the shop from December 1st till the 12th. I, Sasha (Counter Girl) will be there December 10th & 11th if you need to reschedule, make an appointment, or consult. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    We will be back to our Regular Hours December 12th!

    Thank you!

  • 920 News

    Our shop will be closed for Thanksgiving, and the following day as well(November 28th and 29th) . We are sorry for the inconvenience! That Saturday we will return to our normal hours noon to 8 p.m.



    It's that time of year again! Don't know what to get that special person in your life? How about a 920 Tattoo Co. gift certificate? They can go for any value you wish. When you purchase a hundred dollar gift certificate, you will receive a free t-shirt with your purchase.


    We have our traditional black 920 tees for men fully in stock.
    Sizes range from Small to 4XL (we do have some in red or green, those vary on size). As for the ladies we have sizes Small to 2XL in heather gray, purple, and pink (colors may vary on sizes). We also have baseball tees for the ladies in gray/black, sizes range Medium to 2XL. Don't settle for just those items we also have baseball caps and Dickie hoodies lined with thermal (sizes and colors vary).

    Tees (for men & women): $10
    Baseball tees: $15
    Baseball caps: $10
    Dickie Hoodie: $50


    Go check in Foursquare now!


    We've made some changes! NO we aren't moving or going out of business! New sign up, along with door sign (Thanks again Art City Signs)! So be sure to swing by and check it out!

    Thank you!

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    920 crew


    For future reference, if you need to schedule, cancel, or reschedule an appointment PLEASE do not hesitate to give us a call! We do not always get a chance to check Facebook/E-mail right away, so we may miss your message!

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