Piercing Prices

Listed below are our prices for piercing, which includes the piercing fee with basic implant grade titanium jewelry. Prices subject to change depending on the jewelry that you choose.
Neilmed sterile saline solution is our recommended aftercare and is available for $10. We also carry a mouthwash for your oral and/or lip piercings (that you may also purchase for $3 dollars).

Navel $75
Nostril $65
Septum $75
Bridge/Erl $70
Eyebrow $65
Tongue $70
Lip $65
Labret $65
Monroe $65
Medusa/Philtrum $65
Vermillion (Ashley) $75
Lobes $45 for one, $80 for both
Cartilage/Helix $65
Rook $60
Daith $70
Faux Rook $65
Tragus $65
Anti-Tragus $60
Conch $70
Faux Snug $110
Industrial $85
Forward Helix $65

Genital Piercing Prices

Nipples $70 for one, $140 for both
Hood $115
Labia $110
Prince Albert $100
Frenum $110

Piercing Aftercare

The best way to clean your piercing is by simply rinsing it with running water for at least 30 seconds during your daily showers. It’s really that simple! Be sure to dry the front and back thoroughly with either a clean paper towel or a blow dryer on the cool setting; excess moisture can cause irritation! Avoid getting any soaps, lotions, or makeup in your new piercing.

Spray once a day with Neilmed sterile saline spray, both the front and back of your piercing. Dry with a clean paper towel or a blow dryer on a cool setting.

Do not pick at or play with the jewelry

Avoid sleeping on your piercing for the entire estimated healing time. Travel pillows are a big help with this one

Stay away from pools, hot tubs and lakes. These harbor large amounts of bacteria and will surely cause problems in a new piercing

DO NOT use alcohol, peroxide, tea tree oil, iodine or any ointments

Avoid oral contact and others' bodily fluids

Do not change the jewelry before the healing time suggested by your piercer

Take care of your new piercing and enjoy!!
If you have any questions about your piercing, please call us and we will be happy to help!

Approximate Piercing Heal Times

Lobes: 2-3 months
Industrial: 6-12 months
Cartilage: 4-6 months
Helix: 4-6 months
Rook: 4-6 months
Daith: 4-6 months
Orbital: 6-9 months
Tragus: 4-6 months
Anti-tragus: 4-6 months
Conch: 4-6 months
Snug: 4-6 months
Faux Rook: 4-6 months
Navel: 6-9 months
Nostril: 4-6 months
Septum: 2-3 months
Bridge/Erl: 3-5 months
Tongue: 1-2 months
Lip: 3-4 months
Eyebrow: 3-5 months
Labret: 3-4 months
Monroe: 3-4 months
Philtrum: 3-4 months

Genital Piercings

Hood: 4-8 weeks
Labia: 3-4 months
Prince Albert: 4-8 weeks
Frenum: 3-5 months
Pubic: 3-4 months